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         Shymkent affiliate of Kazphosphate LLC has been established in June, 2000. 
Main activity of the plant is a production of synthetic detergents.
            History: production of synthetic detergents has been started at Shymkent phosphorus salt production plant in 1978. The site covers 4,238 hectares of land. General designer is Kazakh Scientific-Research and Design Institute of phosphorus industry. Project capacity of production of synthetic detergents is 60,000 tons per year. In February, 1984 the site have reached capacity of 10 000 ton per year to be packed in large packaging and 50 000 tons per year to be packed in small packing. During stable operational period of the late 80's and early 90's, production of synthetic detergents of brands "Saltanat", "Era-A", "Slavyanka" and "Lotus" was mastered, which brought profit to the enterprise. On March 8, 1995 due to the lack of certain types of raw materials and working assets the production was stopped.
              In May, 2000, detergent’s plant was purchased by Kazphosphate LLC in order to launch it after a long idle time.
New affiliate was established on the basis of the production of detergents, which main activity is the manufacture of various industrial products and consumer goods on the basis of mineral processing.
              Taking into account long period of idle time, in 2000-2003 following works were done at the site:
  • boiler room with two boilers was partly purchased and installed;
  • compressor with two compressors was purchased and installed;
  • well of water delivery system was drilled;
  • high pressure gas pipeline from the GDS-4-Shymkent was partly assembled to points of gas consumption of the affiliate;
  • electric power supply was restored;
  • partly purchased and installed equipment: draft and pumping equipment, dosing associated systems, conveyor.
  • necessary equipment and material resources to carry out repair work are partly purchased;
  • set of construction works on industrial engineering buildings and administration buildings are carried out partly;
              Since January, 2004 financing to launch preparation was stopped. Equipment was mothballed with full job cutting of executive personnel and maintenance staff.
Currently only main step-down substation for supplying of electricity and a number of sub-subscribers are being operated at the affiliate. Besides, railway sidings are exploited by sub-subscriber on a contractual basis. The main detergents production work is not operating.