We are proud of them


Leonid (Kharlampovich) Frangulidi
Director of NDFZ Zhambyl affiliate Kazphosphate LLC

Date of birth: 10.02.1949

Period: since 2000 up to present time
He has shown himself as a talented manager and organizer of production during working period at the plant.
Plant’s team overcame the period of stagnation and achieved the stable growth of production under his management.
Leonid (Kharlampovich) Frangulidi pays particular attention to implementation of new energy-saving and ecologically friendly technologies, to new technics and out-putting of new products which are conformed to all market’s requirements. .
Leonid (Kharlampovich) Frangulidi has 8 patents.

Mukash (Zulkarnayevich) Iskandirov

Date of birth: 07.11.1960

07.1992 – 09.1996–Deputy General Director of International Economic Activity and Sales at Novodzhambul Phosphorus Plant
08.1998 – 11.1999 – Director NDFZ PC
12.1999 – 05.2000 - Director of Kazphosphate affiliate – NDFZ
Mukash (Zulkarnayevich) Iskandirov has come through all stages of production during the time of his labor activity. Mukash (Zulkarnayevich) Iskandirov showed himself not only as a competent expert in the production of yellow phosphorus, but also as a talented director.
During the crisis time in domestic phosphate industry when there was a risk for further production of yellow phosphorus, production of yellow phosphorus and other products of the plant were resuscitated after an appointment of Mukash (Zulkarnayevich) Iskandirov as a Director of "NDFZ" Production Cooperative.
He has found a way to launch an idle plant, he managed to maintain manufacturing and human capacity, owing to strong-willed character and to high organizational skills/

Talgat (Rakhmankulovich) Azhibayev

Date of birth: 24.11.1953

Period 1992 – 1996 - Director
Talgat (Rakhmankulovich) Azhibayev has made a great contribution to the development of NDFZ’s chemical industry, during his management period. Talgat (Rakhmankulovich) Azhibayev devoted himself to chemistry.
Over the years of his working period, the “Vertushki” shuttle buses were put into operation. During “difficult” period since 1992 till 1994, Talgat (Rakhmankulovich) Azhibayev kept a high capacity of production, out putting of goods and provided a social protection to workers.

Yuri (Vasilyevich) Shkarupa

Date of birth: 1945

Period 1987 – 1992 - Director
During the period of his activity at the plant, he has made a lot of inventions, brought in technical solutions aimed at improving of technological processes and equipment, for which he has patent.
Under his management, a number of specific measures aimed at improving working conditions, team stabilization, setting connections with related companies in foreign countries, were held at the plant.
Yuri (Vasilyevich) Shkarupa conducted fruitful work on the growth of housing and community facilities in Zhambyl. He has Ph.D. in technical science.

Erkibulan (Shakirtovich) Murzagaliyev

Date of birth: 15.05.1945

Period 1984 - 1987 - Director
During the years of career, Erkibulan (Shakirtovich) Murzagaliyev has made a great work on the improvement and increasing of production at the NDFZ plant.
Operating production of potassium tripolyphosphate and double potassium sodium salt, bulk storages of cottrel slurry, as well as burns unit with the clinical laboratory in the chemists hospital, were put into operation under Erkibulan (Shakirtovich) Murzagaliyev’s management.

Tuiginbek (Temirbekovich) Temirbekov

Date of birth: 13.09.1937

Period 1981 – 1983 - Director
Tuiginbek (Temirbekovich) Temirbekov has made a great contribution to the establishment and development of the plant.
Tuiginbek (Temirbekovich) Temirbekov put his knowledge, strengths and plant construction experiences and breathed a new life into industrial housing.