The production structure of NDFZ affiliate includes following departments:

  • Management - general management of all departments on volume and work quality/
  • Crushing & Drying Workshop - unloading, receiving, storing, crushing and drying of raw materials: crushed phosphate ore, quartzite, coke, anthracite coal and other carbonaceous raw.
  • Agglomerate production workshop - making batch mixture from raw materials and sintering in agglomerate machine AKM-7-312; crushing, cooling and sorting of agglomerate; feeding of prepared agglomerate to yellow phosphorus workshop.
  • Yellow phosphorus production workshop - formulation of batch mixture and output of yellow phosphorus by electro-subliming method in RKZ-80 ore-thermal furnace; drain of ferrophosphorus and granulated slag; transfer of produced phosphorus to the storage of yellow phosphorus for further processing and shipment; conveyance of ferrophosphorus to the storage; unloading of granulated slag to dump cars.
  • Workshop on production of thermal phosphoric acid - production of thermal phosphoric acid by oxidation of yellow phosphorus to pentoxide and its hydration. Acid is being shipped to consumers by the tank wagons; some part of it is supplied to sodium tripolyphosphate workshop for sodium tripolyphosphate and sodium hexametaphosphate production.
  • Yellow phosphorus processing workshop - processing of yellow phosphorus to commodity quality by separation of phosphorus sludge; cleaning of tank wagons and their loading; burning of phosphorus sludge to produce phosphoric acid. Workshop does neutralization and cleaning of waste water, making soda solution and lime milk.
  • Sodium tripolyphosphate workshop - sodium tripolyphosphate production by neutralization of phosphoric acid by soda ash, followed by drying and ignition of orthophosphate solution and formation of tripolyphosphate.
    Produces commodity sodium hexametaphosphate by neutralization of phosphoric acid with sodium hydrate, obtaining of orthophosphate solution with further during, ignition and melting at the furnace, cooling down and crushing of the product.
    Storage and packing of STPP and SHMP to small bags or big bag containers are done; loading of wagons which will be sent to end users.
  • Nitrogen-oxygen-compressor workshop - supplying plant’s workshops with gaseous nitrogen, compressed air, instrument air, industrial oxygen gas produced by low-temperature air fractionation. Liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen are also supplied to consumers.
  • Workshop of centralized repair of processing equipment and ventilation systems - providing repair operations for technological equipment and dust & gas catching installations, heat insulating and refractory-lined works, overgrowth of electrode membranes.
  • Mechanical repair workshop - provides repairing and manufacturing of substandard equipment for plant’s workshops. Workshop is equipped with machinery equipment: metal-cutting, metal-processing, forging and electric welding equipment.
  • Repair and construction workshop - provides maintenance and repairing works in affiliate’s shops, produces: millworks, wagon arrangements, wooden accessorial construction; makes concrete and solutions; protection of constructions and equipment: damp-proofing, roof-works, anticorrosion systems and chemical defense.
  • Workshop of Control & Instrumentation, Communications and IT - repair and serve of monitoring instruments and automation; provisions with telephone and party-line communications; automated control system embedding, advanced information technology; formation and preservation of system-wide and local databases; repairs and computation engineering services.
  • Water supply and canalization workshop - providing workshops and affiliates by industrial, potable and circulating water; provides sewage and water treatment facilities.
  • Industrial boiler workshop, heating and gas networks - intended for steam and hot water producing which is necessary in production activities and to supply natural gas to shops and to consumers.
  • Energy supply workshop - provides acceptances of electricity from electrical power system in accordance with schedule of electrical loads; transformation and distribution to technical shops and plant.
  • Electrical repair workshop - does maintenance repair and maintenance overhaul of electrical equipment and machines from all shops, electrical equipment of ore-smelting furnace on yellow phosphorus production.
  • Mechanical transport workshop - provides ensured transport services for industrial sites; provides maintenance supply and transport for office and management personnel.
  • Household and utility workshop - performs works on landscaping, serves and repairs plumbing shop’s equipment, supports laundry – clothes and shoes washing and repairing.
  • Centralized technical control department and department of research works - provides manufacturing by required quality products; controls incoming raw materials; controls technological processes and quality of finished products in accordance with regulatory technical documentations.
  • Workshop of uploading of granulated ferrophosphorus - carries out uploading processes of granulated slag into the wagons from dehydration and slug sites; crushes, packs and uploads ferrophosphorus into wagons.
  • Air service workshop - monitoring on normative observances of contaminant emissions, gaseousness, dust content at the work places, maximum permissible concentration on the border of sanitary protection zone, efficiency of dust & gas catching installations and efficiency of wastewater treatment.
  • Policlinics - paramedical first aid at industrial intoxication, traumas, diseases; provides - worker’s health examination before their working relief, preventive measures, detection and treatment of dental diseases, performs physical therapy from appointment of physiotherapist, implementation of activities aimed to ensure the safety of life and health of workers at workplaces.
  • Social sphere workshop - maintenance of buildings and structures of “Rassvet” children's holiday camp and keep it on good and serviceable position; protection, renewal and reproduction of flora and fauna on the hunting groups “Akzharskoe” and “Sarykemirskoe”
  • Residence - accommodation and resting of guests of “Kazphosphate” LLC; maintenance of hostel&economic and sports complexes.