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NDFZ affiliate is a chemical plant on production of yellow phosphorus and phosphorus-containing products. The site is located 15 km to north-west from Taraz along the northern slopes of Ulken-Burul mountains of Malyi Karatau ridge. The total area of the plant is 644.75 ha.


    Main production lines of the plant are the following ones:

  • Agglomerate production – 3 sintering machines;
  • Yellow phosphorus production, one block with 4 thermal electro furnaces with 80 mW capacity each;
  • Technical thermal orthophosphoric acid production, two technological lines;
  • Technical sodium tripolyphosphate production, four technological lines;
  • Technical sodium hexametaphosphate production, 1 technological line;    
  • Granulated thermal phosphoric slag production;
  • Ferrophosphorus production;
  • Granular sodium tripolyphosphate production;
  • Food grade orthophosphoric acid production;
  • Food grade sodium tripolyphosphate.

         For the first time in domestic and foreign practice the technology of yellow phosphorus production from the agglomerated phosphoric fines was implemented.
        Affiliate has mastered production of slow hydrated STPP. In production of yellow phosphorus molten products are formed in the furnace; they are granulated slag and ferrophosphorus are produced. Granulated slag is used in road construction and in cement production.
        Four grades of ferrophosphorus produced are widely used in domestic industry and are exported to other countries. Phosphorus and its compounds are widely used in various sectors of the economy: in matches production, metallurgy to dope iron and steel, in chemical industry for dipping of fabrics, plastics, wood for fire resistance, for drilling liquids, toothpastes, and for various nutritive and pharmaceutical products.

        Widespread use of phosphorus compounds were obtained in the production of phosphorous organic compounds (thiophos, carbophos, etc.). Products manufactured at NDFZ affiliate were awarded with prestigious international prizes for the high quality:

  • "European Arch" the Association of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Spain,
  • "Diamond Star" - Mexico.
  • "Golden Globe" in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Gold medal for quality of sodium tripolyphosphate was awarded at the 10th International specialized exhibition "Plastics Industry" within 15th International Exhibition "Chemistry-2009".
  • Bronze medal for quality of thermal phosphoric acid was awarded at the 10th International specialized exhibition called "Plastics Industry" within 15th International Exhibition "Chemistry-2009".