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MPC Karatau (MPCK) is the affiliate of Kazphosphate LLC, which is the plant on mining and processing of phosphate rock.

Phosphate mining is carried out in the Kok-Su, Kok-John, Zhanatas fields in accordance with contract which has been signed between Kazphosphate LLC and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main advantages of the base of phosphate raw materials in the Karatau field are:

  • huge reserves, which mainly are focused on ore deposits with hundreds of millions tons of ore;
  • relatively high concentration of useful component (21-25 % P2O5) in the initial ore;
  • territorial distribution in industrial developed and equipped region, close to main cotton and sugar beet growing areas of Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries, that are major consumers of phosphate fertilizers.

Also, there is block stone production for repair finishing works in Toguzbai and Dongelek fields.