Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives


Creation of environmentally friendly production is one of the most important strategic objectives of Kazphosphate LLC. Nowadays the environmental harmful emissions reducing program is under developing. The program provides a number of measures:

  • Ensuring of the optimal Reduction of pollution;
  • level of environmental safety;
  • Improvement of industrial environmental monitoring and its control system.

The main directions to achieve the goals and to solve worthwhile issues are:

  • System of production environmental quality monitoring improvement;
  • Scientific support at the certain problematic issues in the environmental protection field;
  • Reduction of anthropogenic impact, which leads to air pollution and to depletion and pollution of water resources;
  • Reduction of the volume of industrial and consumption wastes;
  • Prevention of critical emergency of technogenic and natural character;
  • Improving of control efficiency on the environmental protection field;
  • Cooperation with state regulatory agencies;
  • Organizing of information exchange activity between Kazphosphate LLC and state Environmental Protection Services.
  • Usage of media services to develop a system of public opinion process by highlighting the issues of program implementation in press, on television and radio.

Health and Safety

Kazphosphate LLC pays great attention to the health and safety. The goal of the company is to satisfy international standards work conditions at the enterprise. The issue of the day is to prevent industrial injuries and to identify in advance dangers and risks at the workplaces.

          Main direction of health and safety activities:

  • Provide health and safety on each workplace, prevent production injuries and diseases, develop and carry out all measures to prevent occupational traumatism. To ensure the fulfillment of these goals on the affiliates, Kazphosphate LLC provides a set of socio-economical, organizational and technical, medical and synteretic measures.

         Main objectives are:

  • Certification of the main technological equipment to provide timely control over its safe operation.
  • High-quality professional (re-)trainings of workers.
  • Study of safe method of work (lectures and seminars prior to the annual test on health and safety).
  • Development of technical documentation in accordance with operating standards and technological normative documents.
  • Certification of production facilities to determine the assessment of working conditions and determine estimation of injury prevention on the workplaces.
  • Development and ensuring performance of “Comprehensive Plan of measures on reduction of occupational diseases” concerted by region sanitary and epidemiological service.

Kazphosphate LLC implements these priority-oriented trends as the following standards: ISO 9000, 14000, 18000

Social responsibility

Social responsibility of the company includes successful production operations, ensuring decent work conditions, caring of employees and their families, interacting with the region population. Kazphosphate LLC strives to promote economic and social development of the region in parallel with ensuring decent level of workers live.